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lockable gas spring pressure test report

View: 19008/23/2019  

We sent four times lockable gas spring samples to one of our American customer , they tested everything is ok but the pressure problems. We all feel doubt why the pressure have problems, they need 180N, but we did sent 180N, that's a question!

So finially they sent one sample to us, we tested their samples, it showed their sample F1 is 128N but not 180N as the customer's request! So finally we all find the reason.

We re-produce two pcs samples to our customer, F1 160N and F1 130N, our samples' testing result are as follows.

The testing result showed our Fr is much lower than our customers' samples, so our pressure performance is better.

Changzhou hax have advantages for the lockable gas springs manufacture, price and quality advantages, welcome to send samples to us for testing or we can provide some samples to you for testing. HAX have many advance testing equipments to assure the quality for our customers.

Welcome to send inquiry to HAX sales team.

customer sample.JPG



lockable gas spring.png

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