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Precautions when using gas spring

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Precautions when using gas spring

The gas spring is a telescopic rod with a similar lifting force. It is widely used in automobiles, airplanes, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, textile machinery and other fields. Its internal structure is a piston rod that can move linearly in a closed cylinder. The closed cylinder chamber is filled with a liquid 2-gas two-phase mixture composed of a high-pressure gas and a liquid that can dissolve a portion of the high-pressure gas. The force of the gas spring is generated by the high pressure gas pushing the piston rod. The driving force is determined by the pressure of the high pressure gas. The amount of high-pressure gas dissolved in the liquid increases with gas compression (this process corresponds to the gas spring operating in the compression phase), and decreases with gas expansion (this process corresponds to the gas spring operating in the elongation phase), so that the high-pressure gas in the closed cylinder cavity The density always maintains an approximately constant value, that is, the pressure is approximately constant.

Precautions when using gas springs:

1. For the selection of the gas spring, before determining the installation position, first select the model and specifications of the manual.

2. The gas spring should not be subjected to tilting or lateral forces during operation.

3. The piston rod is not painted, and the gas spring is not allowed to be sprayed and painted after being installed at the desired position.

4. The gas spring is a high-pressure product, please do not analyze it at will.

5. The gas spring is strictly prohibited from being fired and bumped.

6. Gas spring piston rod, do not rotate to the left

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