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Gas springs are used in industrial applications

View: 19508/01/2019  

In order to carry out controlled lifting operations on covers and shutters, the use of industrial gas springs is a good choice. HAX offers a wide range of stainless steel damping components. This stainless steel gas spring is mainly suitable for the special requirements of the food industry, medical technology, shipbuilding or environmental technology.

Stainless steel industrial gas springs made of various alloy materials such as V2A or V4A are not only approved for use in the food industry, but also meet the requirements of the German Koko Institute's hygienic specifications. This stainless steel gas spring is suitable for special industries such as the food industry, medical technology, shipbuilding or environmental technology. In addition, HAX's stainless steel gas springs can also be used in medical devices, hospital beds and operating tables, where not only cleanliness but also non-magnetic properties are required.

All types of gas springs work in the same way, ie, a maintenance-free, self-closing system filled with pressurized nitrogen, which flows out through the orifice on the piston when the lid is closed. This provides a defined piston entry speed and ensures braking.


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