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Gas spring working at high temperature

View: 20307/24/2019  

The gas spring is an industrial accessory that can support, cushion, brake, height adjust and adjust the angle. So what do you need at high temperatures? 

Gas spring materials working at high temperatures require good thermal stability, resistance to relaxation or creep, oxidation resistance, and resistance to certain media corrosion. As the working temperature of the spring increases, the elastic modulus of the spring material decreases, resulting in a decrease in rigidity and a decrease in load carrying capacity. Therefore, the spring operating at high temperature must understand the rate of change (value) of the elastic modulus, and calculate the effect of the decrease in spring load carrying capacity on the performance. 

According to the provisions of GB1239, when the working temperature of ordinary coil spring exceeds 60 °C, the shear modulus should be corrected. The formula is: Gt=KtG where G is the elastic modulus at room temperature; Gt——cut at working temperature t Modulus; Kt - temperature correction factor is selected according to Table 2-98. Spring materials used at low temperatures should have good low temperature toughness. Carbon spring steel wire, piano wire and austenitic stainless steel spring steel wire such as 1Cr18Ni9, copper alloy and nickel alloy have good low temperature toughness and strength.


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